Gratitude is becoming a real buzz word, and with good reason. Many studies have shown the benefits that practising gratitude can have on individual wellbeing such as; reducing the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, and lowering stress hormones. If employees were encouraged to have a practise of gratitude, this alone could have a dramatic effect.

Now more and more studies are also showing the impact that this practise can have on the overall workspace and on employee productivity, engagement, performance and turnover.

One study done by the American Psychological Association showed that an expression of gratitude from managers to employers led to a:

So how can you bring a practise of gratitude into the workspace?

Research has shown that the best way to show appreciation for someone is to make it genuine and personal. People thrive when they are appreciated, it is part of our make up to feel connected and to belong, so the simple act of saying thank you to a colleague or employee for the work they have done, or the way they are handling their situation right now can go a really long way.

Give your team the gift of gratitude

Organise a Gratitude Workshop

If you are keen to bring more gratitude into your workspace consider our Gratitude, the Simple Practise that can Change your Brain, Body & Life workshop.

To find out how you can bring these valuable practises to your teams contact me, Alex at

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