The Power of Boundaries: Setting Limits to Preserve Work-Life Harmony

This article was written by Maya Fodor, Head of People Operations, Bolder Agency with a feature from Alex Kyriakidis, Founder of Tula Corporate Therapies, and a Health & Wellbeing Coach for the NHS who comments on the challenges that we can face around setting boundaries, and how to overcome them. In our modern world where work […]

3 Simple & Quick Ways to Switch off When Working From Home

Properly switching off when working from home can be tricky. If we are working in the office, the act of physically leaving gives us that definite break away – we close down, turn off the PC, say goodbye to people, and then actually leave and head home.  When we’re already at home it’s harder to […]

How a gratitude practise can change your life

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Two simple words, that pack a powerful punch when it comes to your overall wellbeing. The practise of gratitude is gaining traction, although some still view it as a ‘nice to do’ and something superfluous, the reality is that this easy, simple and fun practise has been scientifically proven […]

The effects of gratitude on the workspace

Gratitude is becoming a real buzz word, and with good reason. Many studies have shown the benefits that practising gratitude can have on individual wellbeing such as; reducing the risk of depression and anxiety disorders, and lowering stress hormones. If employees were encouraged to have a practise of gratitude, this alone could have a dramatic […]

A kind way to boost team morale when they need it most

January is typically a gloomy month with the post-Christmas come down and cold weather combination, however this year it is particularly bleak, and for those of you managing teams and looking for ways to boost morale it may be a very trying time. The World Economic Forum recently shared research on how Covid-19 had impacted workers […]

Is the way you are breathing helping or hurting?

3 simple ways to make your breath work for you, and not against you. Breathing is at the core of our entire wellbeing. We massively underestimate it, because it happens automatically so a lot of the time we don’t even think about it. On average people take up to 25,000 breaths per day, according to […]

From living in the extreme to feeling more balanced in one simple step

It is typical these days to be living a life of extremes; we tend to be extremely busy, extremely stressed, extremely tired…the list goes on. This extreme existence is causing us to be out of balance, not in line with our natural healthy state, and ultimately can lead to much dis-ease within us. Our bodies […]

My top 5 at home healthy rituals

I wanted to share some practises that I am using every day that are really helping me to stay positive. Living alone it can get very samey and a little bleak at times, I am sure that is the same for everyone right now whatever your situation. Using these practises each day keeps me feeling […]

5 easy exercises that will shift your mood in 5 minutes

So many of us are in that routine now of working from home and sitting at the laptop all day. Some may have proper desks and chairs, others using the sofa or some kind of improvised work space. We are not making our typical commute anymore either so that morning and evening movement to get […]

6 powerful ways to protect your energy

At present we are being exposed to so much information, on almost every front; the news, work, friends, family, social media. Almost any source of information exchange in our lives at the moment will have some negativity around it. This can’t be helped to a large extent, as we are all going through something unprecedented […]

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