Clear negative energy with this simple energy cleansing meditation

We all know that feeling when we meet someone who has ‘nice vibes’ and we feel really drawn to them and enjoy being in their company. We also know the opposite feeling (if you’ve ever been on the London underground you’ll know it well!) of being around someone and almost being able to tangibly feel […]

Posture Hack #1 – How one small change can have a great impact

Posture is a word we hear a lot, especially in the workspace where it is drummed into us that we should be sitting in a perfectly aligned, ergonomically sound position. This is all well and good, and I am a big fan of good posture. Having good posture means you can move well, with ease, […]

6 powerful ways to protect your energy

At present we are being exposed to so much information, on almost every front; the news, work, friends, family, social media. Almost any source of information exchange in our lives at the moment will have some negativity around it. This can’t be helped to a large extent, as we are all going through something unprecedented […]

Energy Hack #2 – Feel refreshed in just 2 minutes

You know the feeling, you’ve been sat at your desk for hours, you feel tired and bored, a little stiff and pretty fed up. There is a quick and easy way to combat this feeling, and all it requires is a bit of movement and an open mind. All you need to do is…shake it […]

What your posture says about you

Body language speaks volumes and your posture is a big part of how you communicate to others. You can always tell someone with great posture, they stand out with a strong stride and presence when they walk into a room. It’s partly confidence and it’s also a big part to do with posture. Working in […]

Get out of your head and into the present moment, fast

Connecting to the moment, to the here and now is to me like freedom; a space away from the mind full of chatter to a moment of peace and stillness. In a busy day and a busy life, being able to get into this state fast is like magic! It can literally transform your day. […]

One small change you can make this year for big results

Breathing Obviously we do it all the time….Our breath keeps us vital, is essential to our wellbeing and also has the capacity to change our physical, mental and emotional state, within minutes. However, most of us are not using our breath in the right way to get maximum benefits. We go through life without really […]

6 easy desk stretches to improve your posture

If you work at a desk chances are you will have developed some unhelpful habits in the way you sit. Even if you are not desk based there may be some posture misalignments that could be having a detrimental effect on your body. You can get an idea of the best place to start when […]

How to be a positive team leader….even when you don’t feel like it

Here we are in 2022. We thought it would all be over by now, well we hoped, but for many of us, including myself, it was a covid Christmas…fun. Now its back to work after what feels like a ‘meh’ break, and the pressure is on to rally for the New Year, to lift everyone’s […]

From living in the extreme to feeling more balanced in one simple step

It is typical these days to be living a life of extremes; we tend to be extremely busy, extremely stressed, extremely tired…the list goes on. This extreme existence is causing us to be out of balance, not in line with our natural healthy state, and ultimately can lead to much dis-ease within us. Our bodies […]

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