3 Simple & Quick Ways to Switch off When Working From Home

Properly switching off when working from home can be tricky. If we are working in the office, the act of physically leaving gives us that definite break away – we close down, turn off the PC, say goodbye to people, and then actually leave and head home.  When we’re already at home it’s harder to […]

3 Steps to Stop the Anxious, Overthinking Mind

If only there was a button we could press to stop the mind when its going on…and on…and on…Annoyingly it is not the positive, lovely thoughts that tend to pop up on repeat, it’s the ones we don’t want. The ’I’m going to fail at this’ or ‘they are judging me’ or (a recent favourite […]

Are you really listening?

How many times have you been in a conversation and you are just waiting for the person to finish talking so you can say something back? I am so guilty of that, I’m half listening and part of me is thinking, “I have something really interesting to say here that totally relates” As part of […]

How a gratitude practise can change your life

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Two simple words, that pack a powerful punch when it comes to your overall wellbeing. The practise of gratitude is gaining traction, although some still view it as a ‘nice to do’ and something superfluous, the reality is that this easy, simple and fun practise has been scientifically proven […]

Is the way you are breathing helping or hurting?

3 simple ways to make your breath work for you, and not against you. Breathing is at the core of our entire wellbeing. We massively underestimate it, because it happens automatically so a lot of the time we don’t even think about it. On average people take up to 25,000 breaths per day, according to […]

From living in the extreme to feeling more balanced in one simple step

It is typical these days to be living a life of extremes; we tend to be extremely busy, extremely stressed, extremely tired…the list goes on. This extreme existence is causing us to be out of balance, not in line with our natural healthy state, and ultimately can lead to much dis-ease within us. Our bodies […]

5 tips to cope with commuting again

Following the easing of restrictions, for some of us we are heading back to the office. This should be a cause for celebration and excitement but the reality is after months of isolation and only seeing a minimum of people, heading back out can seem daunting and stressful. This is completely understandable and there is […]

3 quick and easy ways mindfulness can improve your workday

I used to have this notion that if I concentrate harder, think more and spend more hours working that it would ensure I was more productive. The result was totally the opposite. I ended up producing less good work because my brain was frazzled and my concentration was really poor. I would find myself jumping […]

My top 5 at home healthy rituals

I wanted to share some practises that I am using every day that are really helping me to stay positive. Living alone it can get very samey and a little bleak at times, I am sure that is the same for everyone right now whatever your situation. Using these practises each day keeps me feeling […]

A quick way to check you are breathing in the best way

Breathing images illustrating wellbeing using the practise of conscious diaphragmatic breathing

We breathe all the time, and unless doing a yoga or meditation practise of some sort, we rarely pay attention to our breath. Most of us have moved from our innate diaphragmatic breathing that we begin life with to breathing from the chest. Breathing from the chest fuels the sympathetic nervous system in the body; […]

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