Are you being affected by other people’s energy?

Clear your negative energy with this simple energy cleansing meditation.

We all know that feeling when we meet someone who has ‘nice vibes’ and we feel really drawn to them and enjoy being in their company. We also know the opposite feeling (if you’ve ever been on the London underground you’ll know it well!) of being around someone and almost being able to tangibly feel the hostility or negativity that seems to be surrounding them.

This is because we all give off different ‘vibes’ or vibrations and although you can’t see them, you can absolutely feel them.

The way the world is right now people are feeling so many different emotions, many of them negative. You cannot change how people are feeling and the type of vibrations they are giving off, however you can ensure you do not pick up on them and keep them with you all day and night long.

One of the ways that I have been working with corporate clients is by doing group meditations that help to relieve some of the tension and stress that is so prevalent right now.

Below is an Energy Cleansing Meditation that I have designed to help you wash away any negative energy that you may have picked up during your day.

It is so simple, and it works so well! Every time I do this I feel lighter, and clearer.

This meditation takes just 6 minutes to do and can totally change the way you feel.


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