A kind way to boost team morale when they need it most

January is typically a gloomy month with the post-Christmas come down and cold weather combination, however this year it is particularly bleak, and for those of you managing teams and looking for ways to boost morale it may be a very trying time.

The World Economic Forum recently shared research on how Covid-19 had impacted workers around the world and found that 55% found changes in work routines and organisation stressful, and almost half said they feel lonely or isolated when working from home.

Whilst there is no way to change the situation at the moment, and we are all doing the best we can, there are ways to bring some lightness to your teams in a way that is genuine and caring, and that will help to brighten their day.

The practise of gratitude is one of the simplest and most effective means of moving from a negative to positive mindset, which can do wonders for the individual and can also have a really positive impact on the workspace.

Research has shown that the best way to show appreciation for someone is to make it genuine and personal.

Morale boosting exercise – give your team the gift of gratitude

Create a personalised email to each one of your team members (or split this up per department depending on team size)
Include a reason why you are thankful for them
This could include a note of simple thanks for being part of the team and riding this storm together with you
Anything that says that you care and that you are thinking of them
Include this 5-minute gratitude meditation as a gift for them
The Gift of Gratitude Meditation

I encourage you to try it yourself first and see how you feel afterwards, you will be surprised how taking just a few minutes to practise gratitude can change how you feel for the better.

And if you would like something more for your team consider one of these options:
A 20-minute virtual wellbeing session to bring everyone together and increase positivity
A 60-minute wellbeing workshop. Choose from a range including:
The Lockdown Wellbeing Toolkit
Breathe Well – How to Optimise and Protect Your Health & Vitality
Ways to Cultivate Calm Amid Chaos

To see how you can boost team morale and bring more light into your workspace contact Alex at hello@tulatherapies.com

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