6 powerful ways to protect your energy

At present we are being exposed to so much information, on almost every front; the news, work, friends, family, social media. Almost any source of information exchange in our lives at the moment will have some negativity around it. This can’t be helped to a large extent, as we are all going through something unprecedented right now. People are scared and life is uncertain, and everybody reacts in different ways.

My feeling is that at times this can all get too much, and we get swept away on the current of negativity. When this happens it can be harmful to our wellbeing.

I know that when I have spent too much time watching the news or speaking to that friend who tends to think of the worst case scenario in every situation, or spending too much time down the rabbit whole of Facebook or Instagram, I am left feeling anxious and scared, and totally drained!

So when I feel like I am going that way, like the weight of the world is creeping onto my shoulders and my energy is being depleted, I use these powerful practises to centre in myself and protect my energy.



6 powerful ways to protect your energy


1. Ground yourself

When I feel my energy depleting, I feel as though I am out of balance, feeling fretful and unsure.

A wonderful practise to cultivate is to ground yourself which is done by standing or sitting down with both feet on the ground. Then closing your eyes and physically feeling your feet on the ground.
Feel your feet on the floor and push them down into the ground beneath you.
Taking a moment to feel that connection to the ground, and to your body, can help you to feel more centred and calm.

It’s my go to move whenever I feel a bit unsteady in my energy.


2. Take some deep breaths

The simple act of bringing your awareness to your breathing and slowing it down can pull your energy back and allow you to focus on the present moment, rather than on the negative energy surrounding you.

Take a moment to bring your attention to your breathing, following your inhale and exhale.
If you are alone you can close your eyes.
Make the effort to slow it right down and concentrate on that breath.

Notice how when you focus on your breathing you cannot think about anything else and those unhelpful thoughts go quiet.


3. Create a visual of protection

When you are around someone that tends to wipe your energy, or you are about to commute or have a series of intense zoom meetings or any situation at all that usually leaves you feeling drained of energy, before going into that situation try this simple visualisation practise to protect you.

Imagine a clear bubble all the way around you, like a force field that protects you, and as any negative energy comes your way it all bounces off.

This simple practise is empowering and effective.


4. Disconnect

Turn off the news and close down your social media apps.

We need to be informed right now but once we have that update on the latest news, there really is no benefit to trawling through horror stories and media hype that only serves to add more pressure and negativity.

Try putting your phone in another room and taking some time to disconnect from it all, your mind will thank you as will your energy.


5. Choose a protective mantra

This is a great way to take control of your energy and to protect yourself from other people’s, by reminding yourself that you do not need to take on anyone else’s energy.

When you are in a situation with people being really trying and testing your nerves having a simple mantra can make all the difference.

My energy is strong and protected from theirs

You can say this in on repeat in your head whenever you need to.


6. Clear the negative energy around you

When you do feel as though you have picked up a lot of negative energy and feel heavy and weighed down there is a way to clear it.

I have created a simple Energy Cleansing meditation will guide that will help you to release any negative energy that you may be carrying.

Enjoy this 6-minute Energy Cleansing meditation here.

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