5 Simple Tips to Improve your Mental Fitness 

Mental fitness means having the tools and resilience to maintain a healthy state of mind even when challenged. It means moving through your days with a level of self-awareness, self-confidence and a positive mental attitude that will serve you in each area of life, both personally and professionally.

Being mentally fit will provide a range of benefits that will give you a more positive life experience, and help you navigate through challenging times with more ease.

Benefits of Being Mentally Fit:

🔺Greater confidence

🔺Improved cognitive function

🔺Better relationships – with others and yourself

🔺Increased positive emotions

🔺Becoming the master of your own mind

🔺Being present

🔺Stronger resilience


Here are 5 Top Simple Tips to Increase Your Mental Fitness

  1. Physical Movement

Exercise strengthens the mind in many ways – from releasing those lovely ‘happy hormones’ like dopamine, to releasing stress hormones, and increasing feelings of self-confidence.

🔼 It doesn’t matter how you do it, dance, shake, walk, run – just find a way to move your body to master your mind!

2. Practice Mindfulness

Become more present and aware – the more present we are the more we are able to tune out all of the external, and internal noise and strengthen our minds.

🔼 Right now take a moment to pay attention to your surroundings – what can you see? Close your eyes and for a moment notice – what can you hear?

3. Hydrate

Our brains are close to 80% water, which means staying hydrated is crucial to optimum brain function. Not only that drinking water will also benefit your cells, skin, flush out toxins and do a whole host of wonders for the mind and body. 

🔼 Every body is different in terms of how much water they need, but a good rule of thumb is drinking 2 litres per day. Buy a litre bottle and carry it everywhere. You can also set an alarm on your phone or apple watch to remind you to drink regularly. 


4.  Tech Disconnect

The level of exposure to screens and electronics keeps our minds overstimulated and ‘on’ all the time.

🔼 Set some time aside each day to turn away from all tech (yes that includes your phone!) and have some time out. Preferably sit in silence, eyes closed, or look out at nature. Give your precious mind some respite.

5. Practise Gratitude

A daily gratitude practice will strengthen the mind in the most wonderful ways. It will help overcome negative bias and allow for a naturally more positive outlook on life. Studies also show gratitude improves mood and reduces anxiety and depression.

🔼 Every day write down 3 things you are grateful for, and why, taking a moment to reflect on each one.

Doing these small acts, each day over time will have a significant impact on your mind state and increase your mental fitness.




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