3 Steps to Stop the Anxious, Overthinking Mind

If only there was a button we could press to stop the mind when its going on…and on…and on…Annoyingly it is not the positive, lovely thoughts that tend to pop up on repeat, it’s the ones we don’t want.

The ’I’m going to fail at this’ or ‘they are judging me’ or (a recent favourite of mine) ‘what will they think of me?’

It seems at times our minds are intent on plaguing us and it can be so exhausting, and energy depleting.

I have had anxiety for many years, and although I have a handle on it now, my mind still has a tendency to go to the dark place of negative thoughts on repeat.

SO I find as many ways as I can to manage this, and have collated a step-by-step, process that really helps.

Here is a video describing each step with the process also laid out below.


Step 1 – What is in Your Control?

In this situation that you are worrying about, what is in your control and what isn’t?

Getting clear on all of the things in this scenario that are outside of your influence can provide a helpful perspective, and help you realise there is no point in focusing on what you can’t control.

Make a list of what is outside of your control – for example:
How someone treats me 
The level of effort they put in
How they communicate
When they communicate

Then make a list of what is in your control – for example:
How I set and communicate boundaries
How I treat people
How much of my time I give them
How I communicate
What I focus my attention on

Write as many things down as you can for both.

Now you can clearly see the areas that you can act on, and those that are a waste of time, and energy, thinking about.

Step 2 – Notice Your Thoughts

There still may be a lot of thoughts going through the mind that are out of your control but still running the mind show.

This practise of noticing the thoughts will immediately provide some relief.

This is the process – do this out loud, written down, or in your head

  • When the thought enters the mind say/write/think
  • “I notice I am having the thought that……(whatever the thought is)”
  • Now you have observed the thought it has lost some of its power, you have detached from it
  • Next ask yourself, “Is this thought helpful to me in any way?” If the answer is NO
  • Say/write/think “I choose to let this thought go”

Doing this practise gives you the power back over your mind, and helps you to realise that –

You control your mind, your mind doesn’t control you.

Step 3 – Create Peace of Mind

You have gained clarity

You have brought awareness to your thoughts, and in doing so been able to release the thoughts that aren’t helpful.

Now you can create some well deserved peace of mind.

And this can be done, very simply, by tuning into your breath, and your body.

Peace of Mind Process:

Take a minute to stop now
Bring your awareness inwards
And focus on your breathing
Slow breath in
Slow breath out
Physically feeling the breath as it moves through your body
Consciously slowing your breathing down
Noticing how the volume of noise in the mind goes quiet

Stay with this peace, this calm for as long as you can

This is the power you have over your mind, in just 3 steps you can take control and go from an anxious, busy mind to a peaceful one.

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