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We take wellness beyond the tick box and help businesses create a culture of care, to facilitate genuine, positive change.

Empowerment for
lasting change

Our aim is to give people the tools to take ownership of their health. To realise the power that they already have within themselves to enrich their own mental, physical and emotional health.

Personal care and

As a small business, you can be assured that you will receive total dedication and personal care, with absolute commitment to finding the right wellbeing for your team

what we do

Every company is different and our aim is to be as personal as possible. All of our wellbeing initiatives can be virtual or in person and can be tailored to suit you. Let’s arrange a chat and see what your business and your people really need, to create just the right wellbeing offering.

Wellbeing COURSES

OPtion One:

Surviving to Thriving Course

Survival mode happens in times of chaos, crises or trauma and causes us to be living in a state of constant fight or flight mode which is literally nerve wrecking and means we are not able to relax and function at our best. Living in this way affects our ability to handle stress, it impairs our concentration, our energy levels and the amount of joy we feel.

In this 5-part series you and your team will be guided through simple steps to move out of survival mode and into feeling positive and in control of your wellbeing.



Understand where you are on the surviving to thriving scale, where you want to be, and what is holding you back.

Step 2 – the foundations of a health mind & body

Learn the basic principles of  breathwork & mindfulness and how to apply them in a busy, chaotic life.

Step 3 – Become free of negativity

Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

Step 4 – Increase positive energy levels

Learn simple ways to raise your positive energy levels and enhance each aspect of your life

Step 5 – Create your own Thriving plan

Using all of the tool and techniques shared to create your personal plan for the highest wellbeing

STEP ONE: Understanding anxiety

Gain insight into the different forms of anxiety, what happens when we are anxious, and how we are personally affected

Step 2 – The busy mind & mindfulness

Understand how our thoughts impact levels of anxiety and how to gain more peace and positivity within

Step 3 – Lifestyle & triggers

Using reflective practises to see how lifestyle impacts anxiety, as well as triggers and what positive changes could be made

Step 4 - Self-compassion & understanding

Leaning away from self-criticism to self-compassion and how this can help lessen anxiety

Step 5 – Alleviate your anxiety

Based on the learnings from the course, create your own anxiety relief plan that works for you
OPtion Two:

Alleviating Anxiety Course

It is said that 1 in 6 people will experience anxiety in any given week in the UK (source: Mind). This shocking figure reveals how ‘normal’ it is for people to feel anxious, however this feeling is not natural, and can affect how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally.

This 5-part series will provide insights into anxiety and offer practical tips and techniques to alleviate the feelings of anxiety on a day to day level.

how it works

Course structure & cost

Online live course

5 x 45 minute sessions

Includes a resource library


1-1 Wellbeing Coaching


Valuing and encouraging your people with personalised care


Ensuring they have the resources needed to affect real change


See your people excel in work and life

Give personalised care to your people and see them thrive

Coaching and motivating individuals with 1-1 wellbeing sessions to identify and support them to achieve their personal goals.

These 1-1 coaching sessions provide an opportunity for people to reach beyond their limitations and excel in work and in life.

Focus on individual goals such as:

Focus on individual goals such as:

Relieving stress and anxiety
Overcoming mental obstacles
Achieving personal and professional goals
Implementing healthy lifestyle habits
Improving posture and physical fitness
Increasing focus, concentration and motivation
Enhancing the immune system
Steps to self-actualisation

Tailored, flexible packages

Packages are tailored to your specifications – you decide how many sessions per employee, per month and the minimum contract term is just 3 months.

Prices are based on the number of sessions booked per month and are on a sliding scale. We work together to find the right package for you and your people.

Employees book directly

Each session can be booked directly by the employees using a calendar booking system.

That means you do not need to deal with any of the administration and it also ensures privacy for your people.

Wellbeing Workshops

help your team to thrive

Benefit from workshops that focus on key wellbeing practices and that give your attendees a toolkit of wellness techniques.

These techniques will empower individuals with the tools to enhance their overall wellbeing in ways that are simple and effective.

Workshops can be virtual or in person.


Limiting beliefs are beliefs that we might hold about ourselves and the world that could be holding us back and causing self-sabotage; like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘People are always judging me’.

This workshop explores a step by step process to overcoming these subconscious beliefs.

Be guided on the step by step process to uncover, understand and ultimately change that negative belief and replace it with a positive, life affirming belief.


Understand how the way we breathe has the power to effect everything in our lives including our mental, physical and emotional health

See how the way we breathe is either helping or hurting our health and wellbeing

Learn the technique to bring the systems of the body into an ideal state of maximum efficiency

Includes how to breathe to best prevent viral infection

The science behind being grateful and how it can change our physical, mental and emotional health

From how well we sleep, to levels of inflammation in the body, how positively we view life, and the effects on neurodegeneration we explore the power of being grateful

Guided exercises to cultivate a daily gratitude practice easily and effectively


Understand what the mindset is, whether you have a fixed or growth mindset, and how it is driving your current life experience

Realise the power of your thoughts, and how a shift in mindset can create positive change in any aspect of your life

Learn simple and effective practises to shift your mindset, and increase positive energy levels


Recent research suggests over 60% of employees are experiencing anxiety

This figure reveals how ‘normal’ it is for people to feel anxious, however this feeling is not natural, and can affect how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally.

This session will provide insights into anxiety and offer practical tips and techniques to alleviate the feelings of anxiety on a day to day level.


Resilience is our ability to cope when life doesn’t go to plan, and to bounce back in challenging times.

This session will help you understand how resilient you are at present, and how to build on that through mindfulness

Learn specific techniques to aid in maintaing a state of internal balance and calm, even in difficult circumstances


This session provides an opportunity to set yourself up for success in whatever area of your life you want to make a positive change in.

We will cover:

  • Getting clear on what you really want
  • How to get into the right mindset to achieve it
  • What to do when you ‘fail’
  • How to prime yourself for success in any area of your life

How do we stay calm in times of chaos and find a level of acceptance even when things are out of control?

In this session you will be provided with practical ways to stay connected to the present moment and to understand how to manage the torrent of unhelpful thoughts that run through our minds

Learn simple, powerful techniques to cultivate calm within and manage external chaos


We love working in a bespoke way to best suit your work climate. Talk to us about designing your individual corporate workshop that is a perfect fit for your workspace and needs


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From the blog


For many years I lived the ‘work hard, play hard’ life in Sales & Marketing for large corporations. I had major problems with my sleep, my diet was poor, I was generally feeling sluggish most of the time, drinking coffee to keep my energy up and then crashing down at some point later. All of this left me with the realisation that I was not really functioning well and something had to change.

In 2015 I tried meditation for the first time, and that started a really wonderful, albeit challenging, journey. I began to eat better, my sleep and mood improved, and I had far more energy. The result was that I started to feel really good, most of the time, which was such an improvement!

I was so inspired by the change in me that I decided to leave my corporate role and re-train with the aim to live a life with more peace and balance, and help others do the same. I hold qualifications in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Breath work, Energy Coaching, Corrective Exercise, EFT (tapping), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and I am a Health & Wellbeing Coach for the NHS.

Due to my history of working in the corporate industry, I truly understand the physical and mental strains of this lifestyle, from the impact of sitting at a desk all day and the effect of that on posture, to the mental state of being ‘on’ at all times. In today’s climate having that direct experience helps me to really connect with my clients.

Happy Clients


If you would like to find out more about any of our services or would like to book a session please get in touch by phone, email or using the contact form.

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